1. We cultivate a non-anxious relationship between the people and the church.
  2. We are committed to intimate fellowship as family.
  3. We are a church with a big heart, and seek flexibility in non-essential matters.
  4. We are a discerning community rather than one that relies only on rules, regulations and formulas, even if that makes us look odd, eccentric or inconsistent.
  5. We seek to be vessels of God’s illumination by embracing unconventional approaches.
  6. We are comfortable with paradox as a central way by which Jesus taught.
  7. We are prophetic and critical, and not attached to any ideology.
  8. Our critical faith does not, however, lead us to cynical detachment, but to passionate engagement with God and with one another in fresh ways.
  9. We are not afraid to grow and change theologically, for all theology is provisional.
  10. We are not afraid of personalized authority, but are continuously disclosing, discussing, and renegotiating the nature of that authority.